$0.99 on 11/4/2017 – Swingers Cravings Box Set by Mia Moore

Her new lease on life comes with a G string attached!

While taking a shower, Sara finds a lump and it changes EVERYTHING. Her life has been ‘nice’ and ‘quiet’, but all she can think of are the things she’s missed out on.

It’s not sky diving, or Rocky Mountain climbing. Sara’s missed out on sex. She’s in her second marriage and has only slept with three men. When she asks her hubby how many partners he’s had, and he needs extra fingers and toes!

Why was she so afraid of being labeled a slut that she missed out on so many pleasures of the flesh? What is so damn wonderful being a ‘good’ girl anyway? If she gets a second chance, she’s going to be a bad girl.

A wicked, sexy woman. Does she have the nerve?

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