$0.99 on 11/5/2016 – The Ballerina and The Baller by Imani King

They say there's no such thing as second chances…

Troy: I'm a country-boy at heart. The only thing I ever wanted to do – the only thing I could do – was play football. So when I made it to the top I lived the way any other guy with a multi-million dollar contract and a bumper crop of willing women would. Sure, I knew the party wouldn't go on forever. I just didn't know it would end so abruptly – or that I would be the one ending it. I didn't know I was going to fall in love.

Anna doesn't know the truth. She doesn't know I only did what I did to protect her. Now I have to break down the brick wall she's built around her heart and make her understand that my life doesn't mean anything without her in it…

Anna: I didn't even know who Troy Beckman was when I met him on that chilly autumn night in New York City. All I knew was I'd just gotten the worst news of my life and I needed something – anything – to take my mind off the fact that all those brutal hours in the ballet studio might have been for nothing. I should have paid more attention. I should have known. Maybe I could have avoided having my face splashed all over the tabloids and my reputation ruined? All I know is he made me feel things I'd never felt before. He met needs I didn't even know I had…

And then he disappeared. Now I've got a broken heart, a phone full of unanswered calls and a belly getting bigger by the day. Do I dare trust the man who caused all three?

A novel about big city ambitions, broken dreams and the healing power of love.

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