$0.99 on 12/2/2019 – Curves For The Boss by Lexi Dean


My boss is hands down the most sinfully delicious man that's ever walked this earth. Or at least he is as far as I’m concerned.

Most of my days at work are spent gazing at him across the office, imagining him and me in all sorts of filthy situations. To say I’m obsessed with him would be a huge understatement.

In a perfect world we would be together, but a perfect world this ain’t.

I'm a back office admin worker, right at the bottom of the corporate pile. He is the big billionaire CEO of the company, and I am practically invisible to him. Even if by some miracle he were to notice I exist, there are a million more reasons why we could never be together. The biggest and most obvious reason being the almost 30 year age gap between us.

Just when I think that my life will forever be endless days of boring admin and unattainable fantasies, something happens that flips everything upside down.

Am I cut out for this? Am I really about to get the life and the man I’ve been dreaming of? Or is this whole thing going to crash and burn right from the start?


Annie Tate is a walking wet dream. She’s the kind of big, beautiful and curvy girl that all men crave, but only few are man enough to admit to wanting. A few weeks ago she was just one of the sea of faces outside my executive office door. Now she’s the face I see inside my private office every day, and in my dreams every night. I’ve never wanted any woman as much as I want her, but having her could make this strange new situation we’re in even more complicated. Not to mention it could ruin the entire business.

I love this company, and I love my life. But if I have to choose… I choose her.


Curves For The Boss is a short and steamy high heat romance that tells a tale of forbidden attraction and insta love between an older alpha boss man and a sweet and curvy bbw office girl. This is a standalone story in the CURVY GIRL FOR THE ALPHA series by Lexi Dean.

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