$0.99 on 2/28/2018 – Mad About You: A Box Set by Pamela Ann

A five-book set of standalone novels with happy ever after. This is a limited time offer.

This bundle consists of The Guardian, Imperfect Bastard, My Summer in London, Falling For My Husband, and Falling For Ava.

⚜The Guardian⚜
A story about a man fighting off a palpable connection to the woman he’s fated to be with. An heiress, and a man set to take over her father's company. Arranged marriage. A journey about loss, friendship and above all, falling madly in love. Two stubborn and equally vindictive characters. Stifling sexual tension. A push-and-pull maddening, combustible chemistry. A war of words — of love — bringing them to the brink of insanity.

⚜Imperfect Bastard:⚜
Drew Cavendish was every woman's bad boy fantasy. Not only was he cool and smart with a bevy of women lapping up everything he did; he also happened to be my brother's best friend and secretly the love of my life. After losing my virginity to him, I hadn't seen him since. Now I was moving to live with my brother … in a condo where Drew lived, as well. I would try to keep my composure and stay aloof. There was no need for panic. Yet my heart was a beat away from having a serious meltdown.

⚜My Summer in London⚜
Exchange student Serena left home to study abroad to find reprieve from her broken heart. Enter the two dashing Elliot brothers, Cruz and Archer. Both will captivate her. Both will woo her. But there’s only one brother who’s single.

⚜Falling For My Husband⚜
Callum Kensington is a formidable Billionaire with a passionate persona who thrives on new thrilling experiences. He’s also infamously known for his strict rules in dating. But the moment Stella von Berg enters the picture, things become rather confusing… because when it comes to his departed friend’s baby sister, he knows he'll do anything to keep her safe with her heart intact.

⚜Falling For Ava⚜
Reiss Chambers was a man who had the rags to riches story. Burdened by his past, he tried to forget the woman who broke his heart into smithereens. He vowed never to seek her out…but what happens if fate steps in, leaving him no choice in the matter? Could a man really set all of his hatred aside to forgive the woman who changed his life forever?

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