$0.99 on 3/15/2019 – Kragyn by Clarissa Lake

The war was over, yet the Sargans came and bombed his world to ruin. They stole his life by making him a slave, but Kragyn Vermaktu was no slave! He was a Farseek Warrior. His rebellion landed him on Julconi Prison Planet. No guards, no rules…
A place where strength meant survival…

Stolen from Earth, sold as a slave Reanne Winter is forced to kill or be killed. Earning her a one-way trip to Julconi. Terrified by a mob of males outside the gate, she was sure she would be killed before the day ended, Enter Kragyn. He calls her solmatu and offers to get her to safety. A shock of attraction flashes between them as soon as they touch. She knows she won’t get a better offer.

Can the passion that burns between them grow into the legendary solmatu bond? Or is it just a symbiotic relationship born of the need to survive?

Based on the Farseek Mercenary Series

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