$0.99 on 3/10/2016 – Party at Mikey’s: The Complete Collection by Phillipa Saint


Not every party is the same. Some are just fun. Some are wild. And Mikey’s parties…Are something else.
The stories included in this collection are:

Party Treats: Jeff and Lyla’s marriage is in trouble. But on their way to a costume party, they happen upon a car by the side of the road, with a couple having fun inside. And what they see sets the course for the rest of the night, and their relationship.

Sally’s Surprises: When Sally happens to run into her old college best friend Lori at Mikey’s, their secret lust for each other reignites with a vengeance. But how will Sally’s husband-to-be Todd react when he finds out? And if Sally gives Todd the chance to live his greatest fantasy ever, will he do the same for her, and let her do to him what no one has done before?

Christa Needs: Last night, Alex wanted to give his wife Christa a pleasant surprise. Instead, he ended up watching her having sex with another man in a parking garage. Yet despite being hurt and heartbroken, he did nothing to stop it, and he can’t understand why. Tonight, Mikey’s party promises to bring them a lot of things. Maybe reconciliation. Maybe exploration. Maybe even understanding. The question is, will it be enough to satisfy all of Christa’s needs? And will Alex ever be content with just watching?

Angels’ Delight: Ever since her Angela’s ex-boyfriend uploaded their sex tape against her will, all she can think about is that everyone has seen her have sex. So all she wants is to lock herself away from other people’s eyes, safe in the company of her friend and roommate Claire. Except Claire is a wild girl, needing many kinds of satisfaction, and Angela can’t handle that. But at Mikey’s party, everything will change. And Angela will be shaken to her core as she is surprised, shocked, and in the end, transformed. Will Angela and Claire find what they really want in each other? Or will they need help? LOTS of help?

The One In The Corner: Dragged into Mikey’s party by his best friend Marie, Greg soon finds himself alone. But no matter how much he fantasized about this type of party, he is too unsure of himself to fit in. Tom and Sheila, however, do know how to make the most of a wild party. And when Greg meets them, they will teach him exactly what he needs to do, and to be, so he can let go and get wild. But how wild is Greg is truly willing to get? And will Tom and Sheila be able to handle it?

Mikey’s Big Night: As intense as their brief relationship was, Marie thought she had left Mikey behind. But now he’s invited her to a very special party, where everyone can give in to their secret desires with total abandon. She knows shouldn’t go, but she can’t help herself. As Marie learns what her own secret desires truly are, will she be able to resist Mikey? Or will she betray the rules she has made for herself?

PARTY AT MIKEY'S: Dozens of rooms. Hundreds of guests. One wild night.

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