$0.99 on 4/14/2018 – Saving Her by Mia Ford

I just don’t want to SAVE her…I want to stand by her FOREVER!

The last time I saw her, she was in High School.
I always saw her as my best friend’s little sister,
And now I see her after years…
The fear in her eyes worries me,
And I didn’t realize that she is gonna be that important to me.
After all, I was a guy who shied away from a relationship…or at least a real one!
I had made Fire Station my home and the people serving there my family,
And I was okay with growing old there and dying there alone.
But Andrea made me reconsider that,
And I know I can and I will…I am so ready for our future together!

The only question is if she also sees in my eyes – THE LOVE, THE SUPPORT & THE CARE?

A heartwarming steamy romance that has no cheating and a guaranteed HEA. Bonus Content included after the main story.

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