$0.99 on 5/15/2016 – Twice Bossed by Madison Faye

We're going to make her ours, no matter the cost…


Broke after bailing out my criminal ex one too many times, a boring and stuffy desk job at Steel and Stone Holdings seems like a bleak path to getting back on my feet.

But that’s before I met my two new bosses.

Because Luke Steel and Jordan Stone are anything but boring and stuffy. They’re rough, tattooed, and criminally attractive – not to mention demanding and dominant. Worse, they’re awakening something dark inside of me – something aching to be let out.

I’d ask how in the world I’m supposed to choose between two forbidden men, but I’m not sure I’ll have to…

We came from nothing – clawing and fighting our way out of the streets to build the empire we sit on today. Success has given us almost everything, but there’s one thing we can’t find, no matter how hard we look.

And then, Sasha walked into our office.

We’ve got certain appetites, and we have to have her. We have to possess her, make her submit, and take her until she’s moaning both our names.

We need to make her ours, and nothing can stand in our way.

And of course, we share everything…

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