$0.99 on 6/18/2017 – Stolen Virgin: Curvy Bride & Bad Boy’s Baby by Viv Phoenix

A dark captive woman romance with crime, domination, and punishment. No cliffhanger.
Down in the hollow, Callum devours women’s dirty books. Now he’s ready to break the billionaire's daughter who needs him to be her alpha. Sy just doesn’t know what’s good for her. Yet.
Callum looks dangerous-hot, like he might be wanted for something real bad.
He scares me when I catch him staring at me. His pale eyes show his dirty, dirty thoughts. Tattoos writhe on his thick muscles as he loads his big truck.
He’s the kind of man my mother warns me about, a bad man. I know about bad boys. He’s worse.
A man like Callum Blake, he won’t take no for an answer.
A shadow crossed her face. She bit her lip and nodded, like she was thinking something real sad.
“Good girl. Just be good. That’s all I’m asking.”
“Yes, Callum.”
I raised her chin and ran my thumb over her lower lip. She shook. I looked down her blouse at her deep creamy cleavage. What the hell was I meaning to say?
I crushed her to me. Damn it. I might be going to spend the rest of my life losing my thoughts every time I looked at this woman.
I closed my eyes and kissed her.
Better. Her lips opened to me. When she stayed quiet, when her heart beat with mine, I had all I could ever want in this world.

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