$0.99 on 9/14/2020 – The Sizzle TV Series (Books 1-3) by Whitley Green

This new collection contains three high heat, full length bisexual menage romance novels.

She works for him. He lives with me. I want them both…

I’ve got good reason to keep my mouth shut around my best friend Elliot, so when he hires the luscious Joelle Munroe to save his restaurant I can understand his hands-off frustration. But she doesn’t work for me…

I need a culinary genius — Joelle needs a job. When she turns out to be sweet, smart, and sexy as hell, I can’t blame my best friend for wanting her too. But Joelle wasn't there the night Alex left his bedroom door open and after what we did together… Now they're both in my head.

Eyes on the prize — get the job, get into school, get my career on track. I’ve got too much on the line to lose my head over my boss, or his roommate's seriously fine ass. And definitely not both at the same time.
Three lovers. A second chance. One little white lie.

I cut loose for one night and they fell asleep before we sealed the deal. It’s for the best—I’ll never see Ben again but James and I have to work together…
Until the restaurant closes and we go our separate ways.
Months later, what are the odds that they’ll turn up right when I’m meeting a blind date?

Anna rocked my world that night. And James… my best friend doesn’t know it changed the way I look at him. That’s my cross to bear.
Then Anna turns back up, hot as hell and every bit as drawn to us as we are to her. When James makes up a story to keep her around, I play along.
Because I can’t lose him. And I won’t lose her again.

I’ve wanted Anna for years. Now she’s back and I've got the second chance I've been waiting for.
Now how do I tell Ben that I want them both?
One little white lie won’t hurt anybody.
My best friend Drew needs me to pose as his girlfriend for a work party – no problem.

My best friend Bailey and the pain-in-my-ass at work were ‘friends' in college? Awesome… not.

Bailey's pretending to be Drew's girlfriend. Drew's pretending he hates me. This is going to be fun…

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