$0.99 on 9/4/2016 – Women Loving Prisoners by Sylvia Redmond

They were good men trying to reform themselves – well, at least some of them were good…


Michael, James and David were three men with designs on living a life outside the prison walls. Some of their intentions were honest, others – not so much. But they are united by the one thing they had committed to together on the inside.

Kate and Rachel are two women soon to be caught up in a scheme that has been planned for at least two years. The only thing they have in common is they will soon find out what it feels like to sleep with a man who hasn't touched a female in over a decade.

Can you trust a man just because the justice system says he deserves a second chance? Is a man who escapes from prison any less dangerous in the bedroom?

*** This book contains the bonus ebook Trust Me from Sylvia Redmond! ***

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