Alex: A Navy SEAL Romance

“Alex was no longer the boy that I remembered. War had turned him into a man…”

I was a naive 18-year-old woman when my boyfriend of three years, Alex, decided to break the news to me and tell me that he was joining the military.

I was shocked and heartbroken by the news. I had dreamt of a life of marriage and kids with Alex, only to see my vision of the future shattered by his rash decision.

Two years later, and I was a sophomore in college. I receive a letter from Alex, telling me that he's going to come see me for the first time since he had left. When he shows up on campus, I'm amazed at what I see.

Alex's time spent as a Special Forces soldier at war has clearly changed him. He's not the skinny, awkward kid that I had known just a couple of short years before. He's now muscular, authoritative, powerful and assertive…all of the things that I wanted him to be before he left.

Will I be able to resist him? Will Alex make love to me for my first time, the way that I had always imagined that he would, gently and sensually, or does this man even remember what those words mean?

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