$FREE on 7/8/2019 – Make Me Wet: Book One by Lucia Jordan

Angel James hasn’t been home for a while, but when her father reveals that he’s had a light stroke, she knows that she must return to take care of him. Not to mention to escape her cheating, lying fiancé, Daniel. No matter how she tries to put it, she is running from her problems. Running from heartache. Running from the betrayal. Running from a broken heart. Home seems to be the perfect place to run to.

But things back home have changed. More specifically, the help has changed. The minute the two men from her past step through the door of her father’s study, Angel’s blood begins to boil with resentment and anger. But also with buried desire. The two men in front of her are reminders of the past and the timid girl she’d once been in high school.
It is becoming painfully clear that Jasper and Court aren’t going anywhere soon, which means Angel is going to have to play nice. Nice! Nice is not something the two of them bring out in her. They are dangerous and all too tempting.

Will Angel give in to her desires for Court and Jasper? Or do they remind her of too much pain, both old and new?

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