I’ll Be Wrapped Around You: Book 1

Meg was precocious, having grown up as an army brat, living all over the world. It”s a circumstance as old as time that been replayed over and over again, but with Max and Meg it was different. Their story is one of an extraordinary, special brand. It left him longing to be born later, and her longing to be born much sooner.

At their big University, Max and Meg felt like they were the only two people who understood each other. They kept crossing paths as if some invisible force was pushing them together. One night, fates did push them together, which saved Max from himself and catalyzed what would be an arrangement that filled Kate’s months with pleasure and a presence like no other.

In Book One, Meg finds herself ambushed by the music one night that she and Max listened to all Summer long at Island Avalon. Then out of the blue, she receives a message from Max and takes a long trip down memory lane. Memories that she chose to forget long ago.

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