$0.99 on 2/10/2019 – Perfect Streak by Lexington Manheim

Hildy, Susan, Cindy, and Dara don’t have a stitch on—which might be okay if it weren’t for the fact that these girls are at school. This erotic comedy begins when the four of them enact a plot to shock their elite, stodgy college (and fulfill the exhibitionist fantasy of their leader, Hildy) by running naked across a stage during a student assembly. Every detail’s planned for a perfect execution of their nude streak. They’ve even worked out how to hide their identities to avoid any nasty repercussions. On the big day, everything goes flawlessly—well, almost. It's the tiniest of overlooked factors that throws a monkey wrench into the works and leaves these girls with no way to get to their clothes…and with a student body in hot pursuit of the bare-ass coeds who are suddenly putting on a reluctant, extended nudie show for their classmates.

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