$FREE on 12/10/2016 – Public Affairs: a bundle of erotic tales by M. J. Spencer

Public Affairs contains a few short stories containing public sex with naughty conclusions and affairs mentioned and experienced. If you enjoy a little voyeurism, you'll enjoy peeking in through these stories.

Biker in my Bush

After their eyes meeting across the room, Callie can’t help but melt for the badass, dangerous biker. He gives her a wild ride she’ll never forget. What will she do when she finds him on her front porch?

Banged on the Bench

Banged on the Bench features Ben and Kris from Porked in the Park. Ben can't stop thinking about Cassidy and their one-night stand. How will Ben react when Kris finds him alone in the park?

Wicked Watcher

Phoebe can’t seem to stop watching her naughty hot neighbors and fantasizing about being in the middle. How will she deal with the vivid dreams they cause?

Trolling for My Husband

Becca is a good wife and will do what her husband tells her to do, but what will she do when Victor sends her trolling for another man to plunge into her silky depths?

F****d by the Fire

Zach has a dirty secret and he can’t get Roman off his mind since the man found him watching gay porn in a restroom. Now that they’re alone in front of a bonfire, will Zach allow Roman to fulfill his fantasy?

Porked in the Park

Cassidy did her damnedest to keep away from Ben the day of the neighborhood cookout, but when she sees him sitting alone in the dark, how can she not check on him? This is the full-length story of Porked in the Park.

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