$FREE on 2/5/2020 – Wife Frames: Model Traps by Alvin Slater

The reunion of two friends who were too pretty for their own good turned into a pity party when Lexi Blake and Suzanne Peterson decided that they missed being highly sought after single women. Their foray into a lingerie specialty shop named Lingerie Dreams inspired them to play sexy revealing tricks, framing both of their husbands, and themselves at the same time.

They decided to send anonymous and faceless naked pictures of themselves to each other's husbands, with teasing text messages to see if their husbands would take the bait and try to cheat on them. Lingerie Dreams also featured a portrait studio that produced sensual and sexually revealing pictures of wives who wanted their beauty captured and immortalized.
What one of them did the other one often did.

Their separate encounters with macho ladies man photographer Jared Carson captured on film their wildest attempt yet at sexual craziness since they had tied the knots with their husbands.

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