$FREE on 5/1/2021 – Swapping with Strangers at the Pleasure Resort – Hotwife Training Complete Bundle by Loren Teese

This bundle contains all previously published tales in Loren Teese's Hotwife Training series – plus an additional, hot, bonus scene – at a bargain price.

Dirty with Her Two Servants
“At the Pleasure Resort, we take the ‘all-inclusive' to the extreme”. Lea can't imagine how true their motto is.
Pleasure Resort isn't a place for everyone. Only a couple of rooms host selected guests who pay for an extraordinary experience. And Walt, her husband, has got the money to afford it.
Together, they'll discover the pleasure their personal assistants – a black Jamaican man and a Russian woman – are willing to give them.
As Lea discovers new, unexplored sides of her sexuality, will Walt finally get the chance to share his beloved wife?

Full of her Black Servant
Even after the first two days at Pleasure Resort and all the new experiences she has enjoyed with her husband, Lea still has something she wants to try.
It was Walt, after all, who had first asked to share her with her black servant, and now it seems she can't think about anything else other than being taken by the man she loves together with the muscular Jamaican assistant.
But her sexual awakening seems to go even further than that as she realizes she is starting to imagine other men as tools to spice up her and Walt's erotic life.

Swinging with the Stranger Couple
Lea can still feel the vivid memory of both her husband and her black slave inside her when she let another man kiss her. When she allows James to touch her a second time, though, she realizes she needs to confess to her husband what’s happening if she wants to come to terms with her guilt.
Walt is all but worried about his wife's new adventure, and instead of getting angry, he makes her a proposal. He'll share her with the stranger if the wife, Rose, will agree to be a part of the game.
The couple is more than happy to oblige, and Lea will learn – once again – how multiple lovers can turn the routine of their relationship into an overwhelming sexual experience.

When the Men are Away…
Rose finds the best way to wake up Lea.

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