$FREE on 7/30/2021 – Strangers Inside Me – Oops! I Lost My Panties in a Guest’s Room by Loren Teese

On my all fours, enjoying being penetrated from both ends by two of my guests, while my unaware husband smokes a cigarette just outside the window.
To think owning a B&B could be this fun. Why did I wait so long to finally surrender myself to a client?
I’ve always had such fantasies, but I’ve never tried to make them real. Even when my husband lost interest in me and I had to start taking care of my pleasure by myself. I was too shy.
If I had known forgetting my dirty undies in a customer’s room would lead to this, I would have tried this trick long ago.
And now that the die is cast and I’ve released the shackles restraining me, there’s no way I can stop.
Because cleaning Todd and Paul’s rooms has become the most exciting part of my day.

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