$0.99 on 10/4/2016 – Rough and Tender by Adella Wriley

After four years, the past comes roaring back…

“You up and disappeared on me four years ago. What happened?”

Jaxx Stone belongs to New York’s finest football team, The Vents, for whom he’s a star quarterback. But when this bad foul-mouthed playboy finds out his deceased father left him half a billion dollars in his will, he does everything necessary to get it. Including marrying a man… who ends up being his longtime flame gone missing, Abel Pascal. Shocked that he sees him in an escort catalog, he requests him and sits back for the wildest ride of his lifetime.

“It’s all in the past, where it should stay, Jaxx.”

Abel Pascal disappeared from his old life four years ago to save his family. And now that he’s returned, he is still trying to keep them afloat. When his sister finds a foreclosure notice, Abel has to take the first hefty job his boss gives him. What he doesn’t know is that the man who ordered him is his old boyfriend, Jaxx Stone.

Now that the nerd and jock are back together, sparks fly and secrets run deep between them. However, Abel is in this purely for business… or so he thinks.

Jaxx and Abel have to keep the marriage under wraps, but as time goes by and skeletons start banging at closet doors, things get messy and heated.
Will Jaxx get his millions in cash or millions in love from his long lost love, Abel?

**Rough and Tender is a steamy, standalone gay romance with NO cliffhangers and NO cheating and contains a huge HEA!**

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