$0.99 on 4/29/2016 – Burning: A Gay Fireman Erotica by Lacey St. Claire

Greg doesn’t know what to think when he wakes up in the middle of the night with his house flooded with smoke. He does his best to escape and to save himself, but in the end it is a handsome muscular firefighter that must whisk him to safety.
Suffering smoke inhalation and burns on his arms and legs, Greg is forced to stay in the hospital for a month. During his stay the same sexy firefighter comes daily to keep him company. Greg has been drawn to the firefighter since the day he was rescued but he has no idea if he feels the same.

Steven, a tall manly firefighter is forced to come to terms with his own sexuality when he finds himself drawn to a man he saves. After spending a month beside the man in the hospital, he knows he has to take things further. The second their hands touch he is instantly hard and it doesn’t matter that they’re in a hospital, he has to be inside of Greg RIGHT NOW!

Trying their best to be quiet, Steven finds himself stretching Greg in ways he never expected.

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