$0.99 on 6/2/2017 – Playing Doctor: The Whole Story Parts 1-3 by Enrique Cruz

Erik is a young, inexperienced freshman twink in college studying to be a physical education teacher. Kent is pre-med, a student on the cusp of adulthood. Both are yearning for their first-time experience. When their parents start dating, they are forced into spending the night together and wake up the next morning forever changed by their raw, hard, and unprotected first time with each other.
Nothing is better than the first time, except for the second time, and the time after that. Will these two young men overcome roadblocks unwittingly laid down in front of them by clueless parents?

Playing Doctor The Whole Story parts 1-3 is the complete tale of two hot twinks experiencing their first adult encounters with each other, and their first romance. Their story is hot, steamy and tender, and is meant for mature audiences

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