$FREE on 6/25/2019 – Drop The Soap: Short Gay Prison Stories by Brock Wilder

Drop The Soap features three short gay prison erotic stories including Drop The Soap, Prison Library, and The Guard.

Here's a quick synopsis of each gay prison short story found within Drop The Soap:

Drop The Soap
Dave is a seasoned criminal and has been in and out of prison most of his life. Recently imprisoned, he wants to make sure that everyone knows that he's not to be messed with. He knows that Marcus is well respected and confronts him in the shower for an aggressive sexual encounter.

Prison Library
Noah and Liam have committed many crimes together, but never hooked up with one another. Finally, they've been caught for their crimes and sentenced to prison. They give into their need to release with one another in the privacy of the prison library.

The Guard
Will gets rejected by his usual sex buddy and cellmate, Kyle. He's alone in his cell, when new prison guard, Andrew, slips him a note to meet him in his office. Shortly after, Andrew's on his knees pleasing Will.

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