$FREE on 8/5/2018 – DEX by Tara Harris

Two mighty Alphas and one innocent Omega.

But Evard didn't pick Omega Dex Pelion as his mate, he chose him as an apprentice, training him in the skills of a spell-master.

All his life, Dex always wanted to be something, somebody, anything beyond being an Omega.

But being around gorgeous Evard and his fierce partner Voln has brought out something deep and dark inside of Dex. He doesn't just want to be Evard's apprentice, he wants to be claimed by him– claimed in ways that make him shiver with excitement.

But Evard already has a mate– the fearsome Voln, a devastatingly, brutally attractive man.

It's enough to make Dex want to hate Evard.

They couldn't possibly both be in need of a sweet, innocent Omega, could they?

And how could Dex ever convince them that he needed to be mastered?

They don't know it yet, but one accidental mistake during Dex's training will wind up changing their lives forever.

For mature readers. Futuristic non-shifter alien Omegaverse setting.

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