$FREE on 10/30/2017 – A Viking Love Triangle by Colette Wilson

The year is 1102AD. After years of war and violent skirmishes, the Vikings of Vinland have entered into a fragile peace agreement with the native Skraelings of the Penobscot tribe.
Twin brothers and sons of the Jarl, Erik and Hakon are banished from Vinland for a heinous crime that they did not commit. Despite the risk of breaching the terms of the peace treaty, the brothers flee south into the lands of the Penobscot People, a native American tribe of proud and fierce warriors.
Despite their fear of the Penobscot People, Erik and Hakon rescue Nokomis, the beautiful daughter of the Penobscot tribe’s Chieftain, from the clutches of a monstrous grizzly bear. Erik is severely wounded during the struggle, so Nokomis insists on taking the brothers in to nurse Erik back to health.
Though apprehensive of the brothers at first, the Penobscot people soon come to respect Erik and Hakon and they welcome them both into their tribe.
Nokomis falls madly in love with both brothers and the three lovers begin a wild and passionate romance together.
Meanwhile, back in Vinland, the Vikings prepare to once again invade the lands of the Penobscot people. Can Erik and Hakon defend the people that they have come to call their own, as well as the woman that they love from the oncoming invasion of their former Viking brethren?

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