$0.99 on 2/18/2019 – Bad Bride by Chera Zade, Fanny Mills

Until the Masquerade at Blackmore House, voluptuous but innocent nineteen year old Lady Florentia Thorpe thought she might fancy one of her stablehands, a strong, handsome laborer who works on her estate. But, at the Masquerade, a mysterious and devilishly handsome man awakens her to her own dangerous carnality.

Her body suddenly flooding with desire, Lady Florentia is left confused by the encounter. Her entire life, she had been taught to be good, but the Masquerader has taught her something else. Confronting passions she never wished for and cannot properly indulge, she finds herself hating the Masquerader just as much as she finds herself lusting after him.
Returning to her home in the country, Lady Florentia assumes she will never again cross paths with the Masquerader, until her parents receive a letter from him. A letter in which the Masquerader asks her father's permission for marriage.
Faced with an engagement to a man she distrusts as much as she desires, Lady Florentia decides to rob the Masquerader of his victory, intending to bestow her first gifts on her loyal stablehand.

Lady Florentia just never expected to get caught by her new fiancé.

Faced with two strong men, neither happy to discover the existence of a rival, what is this bad bride to do?

Two men. One lady.

And will one afternoon be enough?

Expect heat, discipline and even more heat.

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