$FREE on 8/16/2018 – Milady Needs Vikings by Chera Zade, Fanny Mills

Lady Caitriona is a beautiful, voluptuous, fierce beauty. In another age, she would have her choice of suitors. But, after many years of war, few would risk marrying into such a beleaguered kingdom.

Lady Caitriona's father has promised her to King Padraig their hated enemy, in order to secure peace between the warring kingdoms.

But Caitriona cannot wed a man that she does not desire, and she could never desire King Padraig, the hated enemy who had killed so many of her people.

She knows that her loyal Highland warriors are massive, brave fighters, who would fight King Padraig, but there are just not enough of them to succeed- to ask them to fight for her would be to send them to their deaths.

No, the only way they could win would be to increase the number of warriors, but how?

The only other powerful fighters are the Viking raiders, but they certainly are no friends to her people. Although, if Caitriona could persuade the Viking forces into an alliance, they could easily defeat King Padraig.

But, is Lady Caitriona willing to strike an unheard of bargain with the fearful Viking raiders? An agreement forged in flesh rather than in coin?

The Viking camp is a terrifying, hedonistic gathering of strong, savage men engaging in all manner of indecent acts, and yet there is something about the place that speaks to her on a raw, primal, lusty level.

The price that Gunnulf, the Viking chieftain, names should be beyond consideration. But, the innocent, untouched maiden has never seen a man like Gunnulf. A giant among men, his enormous, muscular bulk is both breathtaking and intimidating.

Oh, what would the Viking Chieftain and his men do to her?

And can they reach an agreement that gives everyone exactly what they need?

Find out in Milady Needs Vikings

For mature readers only.

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