$0.99 on 1/12/2019 – The Best of Dee Dawning Vol 4 by Dee Dawning

6 Erotic or Erotic Romance Stories of Lust and Love by Dee Dawning
130,000 words
over 500 pages

Women's fashion entrepreneur, Keli Michaels' mundane life is about turn topsy turvy. It all starts when her business partner and best friend, Tya, arranges a blind date with her cousin, but fails to tell Keli about it until two hours before their dinner reservations. Despite Keli's well founded annoyance, Ty convinces her to at least go out with him.

But when he arrives, Keli discovers something else her duplicitous friend failed to tell her. She is shocked to find out Ty's favorite cousin, Phillip (Trevor) Gordon, has long blond hair, beautiful baby blues and is cuter than hell.

Having never considered interracial dating, Keli, reluctantly accompanies Ty's handsome cousin, out on the town in a limo, and enjoys the most wonderful date of her life.

With the stars aligned, inevitably drawing this unlikely pair together, passion ignites and burns hot. But will it evolve into true love or burn out and fade away?

Lane Jacobs, Shelly’s first and only love, re-enters her life to rescue her from a dangerously abusive marriage to his psychopathic brother.

Movie starlet and top fashion model Mallory Robbins has a budding romance snatched away when she and her new beau, Drew, are kidnapped right out of her bedroom and whisked off to a fancy Las Vegas Hotel, where she finds out her kidnapper is a Saudi Prince.

Three sorority roommate cheerleaders find themselves simultaneously unattached—something that has never happened since they've known each other. Having no love life now and for the foreseeable future, they share another characteristic—they are all horny. So when one of them jokingly suggests they find a good-looking well-endowed stud to share, to her surprise, her roommates jump on the idea and the hunk hunt is on.

Felicity Jones finds the hunky black and white duo of Devon and Adam fascinating and the caustic blond beauty beguiles them. Yet all semester long, though drawn together, they fought like cats and dogs.

Today's the last day of the semester. A two week vacation looms and the possibility Adam and Devon may never have a chance with the hottest girl on the campus again. Desperate, when opportunity presents itself, they go for it and for once, Felicity doesn’t stop them.

This leads to an afternoon, they and maybe you, will never forget. Later, when Felicity admits she's a ‘bride to be', Adam suffers an anxiety attack. Conflicted between the powerful emotions engendered by her recent lovers and affection for her fiancé, she promises to return to school next week for a rendezvous.

Felicity, seems to be more intrigued by the handsome virile duo than she imagined and can't seem to stay away. When she receives an email inviting her to meet them at a wild frat costume party the next night, she finds herself on the road back to meet them for another delicious, lascivious encounter.

Opportunity presents itself in, of all places–Las Vegas. Randy and his girls are flown to Sin City on a corporate jet and after being wined and dined and…ah…other things, they are offered the opportunity to host that Summer's Adult Pool Parties at the Galaxy & Eden Hotels.

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