$0.99 on 12/30/2017 – Caramel Candy: Jack & Janice #1 by Maxine Clematis

“Don't stop, white boy… Oh God, please don't stop…

After being unceremoniously dumped by Zoey, Jack's rules of engagement are steadfast — Don't get involved with the women at work.

Good friend, and co-worker, Janice, is determined to change his mind.

Brazenly audacious and darkly alluring, Janice has secretly desired Jack for years, and now that he's finally single, she sets a plan of conquest in motion.

But what she discovers in Jack will change her forever, and irrevocably joined, two lonely desperate people unleash their primal urges, and take a frenzied, wanton leap into a love that knows no color…

Caramel Candy is the first in a trilogy, but can be read as a whole. It features a happy-for-now ending with no cliffhanger.

Formerly entitled Primal Urge, this edition includes material not included in the original release. It was added by Maxine to widen the scope of the story and provide additional depth and dimension to the characters. The publishers hope you enjoy this new rendition.

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