$0.99 on 5/12/2019 – Busted Bonds by Jason Pinaster

Christopher Carter must evade D.E.A. agents and an undercover Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer to deliver a large number of treasury bearer bonds. Unless the delivery is made properly, one of Carter's friends will continue to be in mortal danger. The only thing Carter knows about the undercover Mountie is that she has four diamond tattoos just under the top of her pubic hair. As if all the other distractions at Hedonism II weren't enough!

Carter attends a swingers' party game where the loser must strip or perform sexually in accord with the depraved imagination of the winner. Carter has embarrassed the black woman but loses the next hand and must kiss up the insides of her chocolate thighs. He’s about to glance up towards her pubic region when her hands—her very strong hands—grasp the back of his head and thrust his face into her sex. Pungent seaside overwhelms his nostrils. He tries to pull back to breathe, but she holds him tight. “If you want oxygen, get your tongue in gear,” she orders.

The undercover (and under the covers!) Mountie has exacted her revenge on Carter. Buy this story to find out who gets the last laugh!

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