$0.99 on 9/19/2022 – Pie In The Sky – PURE FILTH BOOK FOUR by Matthew Lee Ryan

You won’t need to wonder “will they or won’t they” in these stories, just “how filthy is this going to get?” Each story is a stand-alone, and the PURE FILTH books can be read in any order.


DEBBY DOES DENVER—a young woman has moved to Colorado, anxious to expand her sexual horizons after a failed marriage in a boring Texas town. This is the story of her first meeting with the Denver Gangbang Club!

NEIGHBORHOOD PLAYTHING—In Shawn’s first summer after graduation, the older ladies of his neighborhood keep hiring him for odd jobs, which mostly involve giving them erotic pleasure.

PIE IN THE SKY—Ashley is so grateful to her benefactor, who she calls her “master,” that she’ll do anything he asks her to—including servicing a group of his investors at 41,000 feet!

THREE’S A COSPLAY CHARM—Ben may be a comic book geek, but he’s discovered a world of pleasure awaits him with cosplay girls, including hot triplets who are dressed as slave girls!

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