$FREE on 11/8/2019 – Magnetic Moments Volume 2 by Ricky Black

The Journey continues!

Magnetic Moments Vol. 2 continues where its predecessor left off, keeping the consistent, highly crafted flow, and adding more sensual scenes for you to sink your teeth into.

Twelve Scenarios:

Escaping Destiny – Simeon committed the ultimate betrayal and slept with his girlfriend’s younger sister. The problem? Rather than feel guilty, he wants more, and is willing to put his relationship on the line to get another taste of Destiny.

Short & Sweet – Natasha is home alone, and decides to invite the man she’s been flirting with over. It’s obvious what they both want, and nothing is going to stop them from getting it…

Public Indecency – Sonny is with his friends. Sophia is tipsy and wants to see him. A walk by the park and some groping quickly leads to a scorching, public situation.

Long Night – Marianne is free of an abusive relationship, and lets herself go, messing with the sexy, dangerous, Curtis. He’s determined to keep her mind off her ex, by any means necessary.

Mistake – Isaiah likes Leonie. Leonie likes Isaiah, but he won’t commit to her. When he shows up at a party with another woman, Leonie is crushed and leaves. Drunk and frustrated, Isaiah makes a mistake he will never be able to take back…

Mistake II – Leonie is upset after Isaiah’s cruel antics, and rings Julian, her side-man. He wipes away her tears, and uses all of his skills to show Leonie just how special she is.

Broken – Troy and Melody work together, and both want to take their flirting further. A night in a hotel leads to them opening up, and leaving the past behind.

Part-Time Lover – Jake and Bethany are both in relationships, but they can’t stop having sex with each other. The problem? They’re both falling for each other, and in these situations, someone always ends up hurt…

Rediscovering Love – Marvin has loved Carrie for years. After a chance meeting and dinner, he gets the opportunity to show Carrie just how much…

End of Summer – It’s the end of the summer, and Darryl just wants to hang out with his crew. They drag him to a party, and Darryl meets the sexy Amira. The chemistry between the pair is palpable, and even jealous love interests won’t stop them from getting what they want.

Playing Games – Carlos is young, arrogant, and thinks he has skills with the ladies. After meeting Sadie and prematurely embarrassing himself, Sadie offers to teach him to please a woman, and the pair grow closer than they ever imagined.

Crossing The Line – 2001. K-Bar is a killer, who watches the back of his boss, Lamont Jones. When he is inadvertently tasked with protecting Lamont’s 18-year-old sister, sparks between the pair quickly ignite.

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