$FREE on 3/21/2020 – Magnetic Moments Volume 1: The Prelude by Ricky Black

Raw, flowing scenes and palpable tension designed to warm you to your core.

The Magnetic Moments Prelude is the beginning of a journey. Tight, highly crafted, with engaging scenes and situations designed to have you turning pages, this collection is a must read!

Six Scenarios:

Movie & Chill – Sophia and Sonny have been friends with benefits for a while. She invites him over to hang out, but Sonny is determined not to make it to the end of the film . . .

Alison’s Dance – Alison likes Lucas. Lucas doesn’t know what he wants, but they remain friends. After a date with another woman goes awry, he ends up going to see Alison, and they have the conversation they’ve always avoided, with explosive results.

Stress Relief – Michael has had a hard day at work. Sarah’s had a naughty time at the gym, and she’s worked up enough to give Michael the TLC that he needs.

Pleasant Surprises – Kelly and Yasmin have been friends and roommates for years, both desiring the same man. When the three of them are at a party, drunk, chaos ensues . . .

Chasing Destiny – Simeon loves his girlfriend Kalisha, but she works hard, and loves her career just as much as she loves him. When Simeon runs into her younger sister Destiny in a club, he does the right thing and accompanies her home. Destiny’s intentions however, are less pure . . .

Date Night – It’s 1999. Lamont Jones is introduced to Josette. She’s feisty and he digs her attitude, but she has a boyfriend and doesn’t seem to appreciate Lamont’s arrogance. Despite their best efforts, they struggle to keep away from one another, and passion ensues.

Click now, and immerse yourself in a world of desire.

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