$FREE on 9/26/2018 – The Breast Elixir by Sondra Wilde

A mysterious shopkeeper, a strange potion, and her greatest desire fulfilled – kind of…

Penelope was a beautiful woman with one physical attribute she badly wanted changed. All of her life she had been envious of her large busted girlfriends, but all of that was about to change. And it had been the last thing on her mind when she entered the weird little antique store on the outskirts of town…

She almost didn't see the display among the shelves full of antiques. But once she saw the name scribbled across the little brown bottle she could think of nothing else. The shopkeeper told her it was powerfully effective but his words came with a warning. That's ok, she said, she was willing to accept the consequences.

She needed to try the Breast Elixir!

There would be swelling. There might be leaking. And it might make Penelope do things she had never even dreamed of before. And before it was over she would be returning to the weird little antique store – and begging the shopkeeper and his wife for relief!

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