$0.99 on 12/16/2018 – Women’s Fantasies: Volume Six by Felica Rose, Laura Ashton. Dee Dawning, V.A. Gyna

A Seven Story Anthology. Over 100,000 words. Four Authors
La Marchesa
V.A. Gyna
Dee Dawning
Lexington Manheim


1. By the Book by Dee Dawning
Danny Williams is pleasantly surprised when, one Friday night, Sarah, his comely wife, proposes a game to engender fresh excitement into their flagging sex life.
Handing a copy of the erotic Lascivious Liaisons by Madame X to Danny, she suggests they re-enact a sex scene from the book once a week. After acting out the first scene for a heated night of sex, skeptical Danny is convinced and looking forward to for the next ‘By the Book' night.

2. Belladonna’s Submissive 21st Birthday La Marchesa
For Belladonna’s whole life, from a very young age, she, was obsessed with sex. From the time she had her first self-induced orgasm at the tender age of nine, she was consumed with the idea of sex and satisfaction between two people. From the time she turned eighteen, her mammoth sexual appetite seemed to grow. Now, in college, she takes a job as a nude model for a college sketch class. The professor is a dreamboat and Belladonna wants him bad. She is sure it is just a matter of time and they will become intimate, but after months pass without any overt interest she wonders what the problem is.

3. Mysta Ree Dee Dawning
Picking up where Angel Love leaves off, Randy weaves his spell of dominance and protection over beautiful black haired, blue eyed Mysta Ree as he had over equally beautiful April and Angel. Reintroducing her to the alluring, exciting, glamorous life of a high priced call girl she had all but given up, she is anxious to please Randy and herself. Therefore, she resumes the life she, April and two other friends left behind seven years earlier, when as college juniors, the four had spent a debauched two week spring vacation as escorts in Las Vegas.

4. Swap V.A. Gyna
Lisa's hunky boss is the bait as she devises a plan for a partner swap aboard his yacht with her best friend and her husband.

5. Show Off Lexington Manheim
Rod’s only trying to be a good boyfriend by indulging Violet’s fantasy—letting her drive him around the city in her car. Oh, did I mention he has to be naked? It's a portable game of peek-a-boo as Violet deliberately makes every effort to be certain Rod's seen by as many pedestrians and other motorists as possible, including delighted females only too happy to catch an unexpected eyeful.

6. Playtime with Sera Dee Dawning
Sera’s husband Marc runs into his roommate and best friend from college who happens to be Sera’s ex-husband. Sparks fly in more ways than one and soon Marc is having to make decisions a husband should never have to make.
Is this a case of fuzzy math where one plus one equals three? Check out this sexy story with a touch of humor.

7. A Sapphic Convert by Dee Dawning
After a series of jobs that fall through, top model, Kelsey Deveroux, is about to be evicted. Desperate, she considers making a lesbian porn film even though she's straight. Experimenting with fellow top model Cheryl Chablis, after a day of hot, very enjoyable, naughty sex, Kelsey is flummoxed to find out that maybe she's not as straight as she thought.
Kelsey Deveroux is an established and successful model. However, tight money has created jobs going to indefinite hold status. Her expenses still need to be met since she is past the brink and totally desperate. She discovers that she isn’t completely opposed to following a job avenue including nudity and active intimate interaction for lean lasses. She just would like more inside info.
Cheryl had previously faced Kelsey’s crises and added some ‘Gurls Luv Gurls’ assignments to her portfolio. She's more than delighted to fill Kelsey in on what to expect with some sexy, personal tutoring.

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