$0.99 on 2/27/2019 – Bi’s & Lesbos Vol 4 by V.A.Gyna, Dee Dawning, La Marchesa, Laura Ashton

Six Lesbian and Bisexual Erotic Stories by Maidenhead Publishing
La Marchesa
Felicia Rose
Laura Ashton
Dee Dawning

Tattoos – Laura Ashton
Friday night at Mojo's Mandy confides to her friend, Chelsea, that her movie-star-good-looks bf never came home last night. Chelsea, a fixture behind the bar at Mojo's Pub, is in a quandary. She knows something her favorite customer, Amanda Carter, doesn't, but wishes she didn't, Eddy's been stepping out on her. Hell, he even asked Chelsea out! But when he brings his latest fling into Mojo-s, flaunting his infidelity to her friend Chelsea decides enough, it's time to tell Mandy the truth.

$ex in $in City – Dee Dawning
Opportunity presents itself in, of all places–Las Vegas. Randy and his girls are flown to Sin City on a corporate jet and after being wined and dined and…ah…other things, are offered the opportunity to host that Summer's Adult Pool Parties at the Galaxy & Eden Hotels.

The Big Bamboo – The Grotto – Laura Ashton
Have Boyd and Walter been searching for dears instead of deer on their so-called hunting expeditions. With visits to places like Las Vegas, running up huge bills for ‘special services' while they were supposedly hunting and fishing, Robin and Carly sure think so. Divorce? Maybe, no probably, but first Robin and Carly take a Caribbean hunting trip of their own.

Mile High 2 – Felicia Rose
After a wild, twenty minute, in flight, liaison in the airplane lavatory, Greg and Krista decide to extend their interlude in a nearby airport hotel with the addition of Karen, a friend of Krista's.

SLUT 4 – La Marchesa
Restive mom attempts to stave off the return of the BEAST by adding pornographic films to her and Robert's sex life. While that worked for awhile, when that started to fail, restive mom arranged a get together to address a fantasy of Robert's–a bisexual foursome.

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