$0.99 on 4/26/2018 – Healing Hands by Liz Carlton

Tia is a twenty nine year old nursing student who is trying to stay sane while juggling final exams and a failing marriage to a man that she knows she never should have married. An orphan since the age of nineteen, all she has ever wanted was a stable career and relationship – but with her thirtieth birthday approaching, she has neither. Her lack of stability comes to a head when she has a major falling out with her husband, leaving her homeless and struggling to earn her diploma. At least she has one shoulder left to cry on…

That shoulder belongs to her fellow nursing student, Kay, a confident and outgoing wildflower of a woman, who says and does what she wants without a care in the world as to what others think. When Kay finds out that her friend is adrift, she graciously offers up her couch. Kay had every intention of just being a good friend. Despite the fact that she had been crushing on Tia ever since they met, she had long ago come to terms with the fact that Tia is attracted to men, and that's that. Nothing was ever going to happen, and that was ok.

But when Tia begins spending more time with Kay, she finds it increasingly impossible not to be attracted to Kay's confident and independent nature – not to mention her gorgeous body. She wants to live life on her own terms, too. Why is it so hard to throw out the expectations of others and just live life in a way that pleases her own damn self?

With graduation fast approaching, how will Tia come to terms with starting a new career, surviving a nasty divorce, and admitting the fact that maybe there is a side to herself that she never even acknowledged was alive?

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