$0.99 on 6/5/2018 – Top Pair by K.M. Grace

He has no idea how much she has wanted him.

Emma has loved Marc since one wild night in college. But, as the only female in their friend group, she has held that secret close, not wanting to change any of their dynamics. When Marc shows up to their weekly poker game with his new girlfriend at his side, everything changes. Can she fight her feelings back as she watches him getting serious with another woman? Or will she find the nerve to put all her cards on the table?

Book One of The Poker With Friends Series

Ever since college Emma, Reggie, David, Jack, Seth and Marc have gotten together every Friday night for a game of poker. But lately, the dynamics have been changing a little. What will happen to their close-knit group if their deepest, darkest secrets are revealed, one at at time?

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