$FREE on 10/8/2018 – A Touch of Pleasure by Emily Fawn

Some things are just meant to be…

“I thought I shouldn’t mix my drinks,” I reminded her.
“I like having a scotch afterwards. It’s a ritual,” Jordyn said.
My throat went dry. “Afterwards?” I asked. Hoping it meant what I thought it meant.
She smiled. “Come here.”
My knees went weak at her command. But I managed to take a few steps towards her. “Closer,” Jordyn ordered. I came closer. “Good,” she said, her voice warm and husky. Then she leaned in, and an explosion of tingles surged through my body…

When Holly went out to have a drink, she did not expect to end up in a sex club. All she wanted was a fresh start after a bad relationship, finally doing something exciting again. When a stranger in the bar, the powerful and alluring Jordyn, invites her to a sex club and shows her around, it's not what Holly planned, but exactly what she needed. A night full of exciting encounters, incredible experiences and finally, an exhausting tour of the private room…

A Touch of Pleasure is the first part in the new Series by Emily Fawn, where Holly is introduced to a world full of pleasures she could only dream of before. A world with no inhibitions, where she can freely explore and enjoy all kinds of fun with other women.

If you like a powerful woman to lead you into a world full of excitement and pleasure through the safety of your Kindle, download your copy now and start reading!

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