$FREE on 2/8/2019 – Shaved and Exploited by Sylvia Redmond

“Try not to move Sara. Master said he wants you shaved…”

It was an effort to save her marriage. They said they could help her. They said they would train her. They said they would teach her how to be submissive, and she had given them her complete consent.

“It's ok if it feels good Sara. But you must not move, and you must obey…”

Sure, it was the two of them. Yes, it was a man and a woman. But she didn't know there would be a third. They hadn't told her about the maid, and the things they would ask her to do. Or the bondage. She had no idea about the bondage.

“That's it – if you're not going to keep still, you will have to suffer the consequences…”

But there was a bigger problem. She liked it. She liked all of it. She didn't know about the women, or the things that they would make her do. And her uncertainty about what came next only made her want it more…

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