$0.99 on 3/15/2019 – Steampunk Serendipity by Cassie Swain

After seeing her on campus, Trent will stop at nothing to find her, even if it means leaving the planet!
Sometimes a person sees that perfect, special something and it's love or at least lust at first sight.
For Trent, that special person is Suzanna Steam. If you think stalking someone online is committment, think again. Trent finally tracks the elusive steampunk beauty down on another planet; Terbia, where the Lentency tables are hot and the local girls are even hotter!
It wasn't his fault he accidentally fell in love with a member of the Terbian Security Forces before he could meet his dream-girl face to face!
Lilly Angeles is your typical Terbian twenty-something. When she sees someone she'd like to be with she doesn't beat around the alien shrubbery.
Join Trent as he attempts to ride out the culture shock of his temporary home while doing his best to get the girl (both of them), beat the house at Terbia's local casino game, and above all else, stay out of trouble with the oddly insistent Chancellor, Cassandra Luxe!

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