$0.99 on 3/13/2018 – Erotic Humor Volume Two by Lexington Manheim, Dee Dawning, Little Dickins

Seven sexy hot, funny stories by four authors that will make you smile. Over 100000 words!

CARNAL DREAMS by Dee Dawning
Charli has enough to worry about when she finds herself assigned to tough new project without having to worry about meeting her soul mate, but now she finds herself side by side with the impossibly beautiful man who's literally been haunting her dreams.

ADULT MOVIE by Little Dickins
Tammy's mother and Johnny's father leave her and Johnny home while they attend a class reunion. After a day of freewheelin' experimentation, Tammy discovers a cache of X rated films in her mother's nightstand and that’s when the fireworks really begin.

BY THE BOOK by Dee Dawning
Danny Williams is pleasantly surprised when one Friday night, Sarah, his comely wife, proposes a game to engender fresh excitement into their flagging sex life.
Handing a copy of the erotic Lascivious Liaisons by Madame X to Danny, she suggests they re-enact a sex scene from the book once a week. After acting out the first scene for a heated night of sex, skeptical Danny is convinced and looking forward to the next ‘By the Book' night.
However, unknown to Danny, Sarah has a plan within a plan. After several ‘By the Book’ nights, things start to unravel and events swing beyond Danny’s control, ultimately changing their lives.

MY SEXY NEW MOM by Little Dickins
Candy and Drew meet initially at her wedding to his father. Drew's drawn to Candy like a moth to a flame and she seems equally smitten. When his father leaves on a three-week book signing and speech tour, will they behave or give in to deep-seated desires?

Sera’s husband Marc runs into his roommate and best friend from college, who happens to be Sera’s ex-husband. Sparks fly in more ways than one and soon Marc is having to make decisions a husband should never have to make.
Is this a case of fuzzy math where one plus one equals three? Check out this sexy story with a touch of humor.

PERFECT STREAK by Lexington Manheim
Hildy, Susan, Cindy, and Dara don’t have a stitch on—which might be okay if it weren’t for the fact that these girls are at school. This erotic comedy begins when the four of them enact a plot to shock their elite, stodgy college (and fulfill the exhibitionist fantasy of their leader, Hildy) by running naked across a stage during a student assembly. Every detail’s planned for a perfect execution of their nude streak. They’ve even worked out how to hide their identities to avoid any nasty repercussions. On the big day, everything goes flawlessly—well, almost. It's the tiniest of overlooked factors that throws a monkey wrench into the works and leaves these girls with no way to get to their clothes…and with a student body in hot pursuit of the bare-naked coeds who are suddenly putting on a reluctant, extended nudie show for their classmates.

DUPED by Dee Dawning
Newlywed Jamilla Randle’s idyllic life is blown to smithereens when she receives a call from her new husband’s other wife. ASAP, she hires women's attorney, Letta Storm.
Then Jamilla meets Tony at a barbeque and feels an instant, compelling bond with him. Yet, after her marriage fiasco, she’s afraid to trust her judgment regarding men.
Nevertheless, the attraction is too strong to be denied and with Tony’s patient persistence, her heart begins to warm and the three of them begin to pick up the pieces of Jamilla’s life.
In the process they unravel some amazing secrets even she didn’t know existed.

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