$0.99 on 4/26/2019 – Wishes, MILFs, and Models by Jason Hutchinson

Sergeant Steve Ballard never thought…

…he'd be the proud owner of a spunky Jinni!

With years of extensive specialty military training, Steve's biggest use to his unit was his experience as a plumber before he enlisted. When the chain of command chose him to help out the gorgeous, politically-connected MILF Amira, things started to get weird. At first glance, the house seemed possessed. Spouting water, groaning pipes…all leading him behind the walls where he makes the discovery that will change his life!
What is magic anyway, and how far does its influence stretch? Steve has a lot to learn, but his tutor, a sweet and spunky jinni named Firefly, isn't really known for following all the rules!

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