$0.99 on 8/24/2018 – A Spell for the Alpha by Jason Hutchinson

Fitz is all about the rigors of science…until he's offered a shot at being the Wizard's Apprentice!
Before meeting Brant and his Demoness lover, Naima, Kevin Fitzgerald had his sights set on one thing: His upcoming PhD. Well, that would be a lie. He also secretly had his sights set on Sophie Calais, his beautiful and staggeringly intelligent assistant. The Wizard and the Demoness make him an offer that would be challenging to refuse. As if he would even turn it down, his reward for even considering it is to be transformed into the ultimate Alpha-Male!

Is magic real? Fitz intends to find out, though instead of trying to fly across the Grand Canyon, he's more interested in seeing the panties fly off his fitness model neighbor and his gorgeous, young assistant!

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