$0.99 on 9/30/2016 – A Fine Piece of Fairy Tail: The Witch Queen’s Curse (Fantasy Fairy Tale Erotica) by Carwen Saint Thomas

Rellen should know better than to notice the Witch Queen's handsome young lover. Her mistress is a powerful and frightening woman that guards her possessions jealously, and he is most certainly hers.

As the Queen's own Chambermaid, Rellen finds noticing the young man unavoidable. She can't help but hear their lovemaking in the night, or see his muscled form, outlined under the sheets, asleep each morning.

When the Queen is called away, the temptation proves too great. Surely a peek beneath the sheets will go unnoticed, but could just a peek possibly sate her curiosity?

The Witch Queen's Curse is a curious tale of magical climax and calamity, a fantasy love story with sexy fun and an old fashioned happily ever after.

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