$FREE on 7/31/2020 – Heart of Sand by Klara Raškaj

A pure, undiluted monster erotica novella!

What is love to a man who was born and buried with a still heart?

Pharaoh Mesehradabet failed to find love in one life…so, he was given another.

Sarah Khateb, a promising young Egyptology major at Sandersonia University in England, hits the jackpot when the school’s mummy exhibit comes to life one night, and because of the pharaoh’s profound interest in her, she is tasked with serving as his guide while interviewing him about his life in ancient Egypt.

However, Mesehradabet did not sacrifice his own eye and spend three thousand years as a corpse just so he could return to the world of the living to discuss history. As was promised to him, he met his destined love upon his reawakening, and the last thing he desires is to sit around and chat. Unfortunately, even after he is made flesh once more, his disfigurement remains eldritch and as far derived from human as it can get. Will Sarah be able to look past his monstrous appearance and show him what kindness feels like?

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