$FREE on 7/5/2021 – Alien Stripper by Stix Hiscok

I wonder sometimes just how I got to be where I am. Sliding my nearly naked body around a pole for the enjoyment of so many men, getting sweaty as they cheer for me, and occasionally earning a few extra bucks in tips by shooting lasers from my breasts. The answer, obviously, is that my spaceship crashed here, and that I need to earn money to get it fixed and find my way back home.

Out of the blue though, I notice the beady eyes of a man in the back of the club, peering up at me intently. I'm instantly transfixed by his giant t-rex head and his hot, humanoid body, and I decide once I'm dressed again to go over and talk to him. It turns out, the two of us have a lot more in common than I would have thought, and a potential romantic connection is quickly overpowering me.

I'm left with the tough choice of letting this prehistoric piece of reptilian arse bend me over and have his way with me, or remaining faithful to the tentacle monster I left behind far away on my home planet.

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