$FREE on 5/24/2017 – Six Sexy Shifter Stories by Karen Cobalt

Enjoy six sultry tales of shifters and their companions! These steamy tales are sure to heat up the e-reader of your choice…

Annie has been stuck in a series of disappointing dates. Most of her outings with men have ended poorly, either due to lack of interest, ghosting, or any number of personal failings. Despite living in a world where magic is plentiful and all manners of supernatural creatures are available, she keeps coming up empty!

Thankfully, her coworker, Shelby, has just the man to revive Annie’s romantic life! Connor, a deep-voiced horse shifter, has plenty of his good-nature to share. Will he be worth the risk of opening up? Can Annie truly get back in the saddle?

Morgan has always loved abandoned things. She’s explored long-vacant theme parks, asylums, and even lost towns! She’s always gone on these trips by herself, choosing to snap her pictures and record her video solo. She’s amassed a collection of her trips, sharing them quietly with the world while hidden in anonymity. She’s become so wrapped up in her journeys that she’s left love in the rearview mirror and punched the gas to get away from it all.

Zane has been a lone wolf for years. Since the disbandment of his pack, the werewolf has contented himself with roaming America. However, his people skills have diminished, and he’s in desperate need of contact. When he sees Morgan’s campsite outside a forgotten amusement park, he worries for her safety. But is that a thinly veiled excuse for contact? Can they save one another from their lonely wanderings and move forward together?

June never considered marriage, especially to a shifter. But when her parents fall on hard times and illness, marrying off their daughter is an option to regain security. But her family is important, and she’s willing to move across the country if it means that people she loves can be taken care of.

Sam just wanted to live a quiet life on his ranch. After having his heart shattered by his past relationship, he found solace in working the land and caring for wild horses. But when his father comes to him with a bride, he can’t find it in himself to throw her out. Perhaps there’s a fire between the two of them that can burn away the past and ignite their future!

Spring Break means fruity drinks, tiny bikinis, and bad decisions for those who leave Mina’s mountain town for warmer pastures. Instead of beachside lounging, the werecat is stuck manning the bar while her boss soaks up rays on sunny shores.

When a former lover orders a drink with a side of bragging, Mina can only be saved by an interruption. Her prayers are answered in the form of Jackson, a bear shifter who considers the forested peaks the perfect place to spend his vacation.

Maybe Mina doesn’t need a daiquiri and exotic retreat to find a slice of paradise after all…

Claire is a productive pony shifter! She’s taking time off from her species-specific job to go on a several day hike. She has to prove to her other shifter coworkers that she can actually vacation without thinking about work… and that she can actually handle the distance.

When she’s caught in a storm before she can get a tent up, a handsome vulpine shows her to his campsite. Once he has the pretty pony all to himself, he reveals his dashing human shape. Will the fox win the favor of his female companion, or will she return to the rainy outdoors before the weekend is over?

Rachel's is housesitting for her sister, enjoying a beautiful stone cottage out in shifter country. When a strange sound outside alerts her an animal in need, she soon finds herself with a cuddly owl companion. But as the night wears on, the owl changes shape. His true form? A stunning man who also happens to be very skilled with his hands. Can he make her lonely holiday more exciting?

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