$0.99 on 2/10/2019 – The Daddy Games by Adrian Amos

There's a future where the right to procreate must be won.

In order to reduce population, when boys hit puberty, they have a chip installed that prevents them from releasing sperm, creating dry orgasms. This serves a secondary purpose: reducing testosterone, which softens the ambitions of men and creates the world's first egalitarian society.

Megan, like so many girls before her, has fallen in love with the man who raised her, her government appointed caretaker. But when she finds out he's artificially barren, she's distraught, so desperate to start a family with him.

Until she finds out about the competition that can change her world.

She must enter a contest colloquially known as “The Daddy Games,” where the prize is the removal of the chip from the most important man in her life, giving him the right to inseminate.

But what cost comes from releasing the beast inside a man?

They will teach her to submit, to be sexually humiliated, to give up her society's coveted independence, because the second she gives him power is the second she loses hers.

This dark, erotic novel has numerous games to be played, where kink and humiliation mingle constantly, and a girl must do whatever it takes to earn the life she's always desired.

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