$0.99 on 4/20/2019 – FUTA on Female Bundle: 3 Short Stories by Amelia Wrath

This futa bundle contains the following stories:
1. The FUTA Bar: Futa on Female
I met Kendra, the bartender, and she was a beautiful futa that oozed dominance from her every pore. She had a way of making me want to submit to her, and I did my best to give her my all. I wanted to see her happy, and I wanted to know what it felt like to be humiliated by such a beautiful futa queen!

2. FUTA Best Friend: Futa on Female
She told me that she was a FUTA, and when she showed me what was in her pants, everything changed. I found myself with a crazy lustful desire to be her submissive. I dropped to my knees in an effort to please her, and I begged for her to show me what it could do.

3. FUTA Goddess Worship: Futa on Female
I never thought I would be on my knees kissing my best friend's butt. I also never thought I would allow anyone to take me from behind. But most of all, I never expected my long time friend, Carrie, to be a FUTA!

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